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12.03.2007 23:00

The main issues of the seminar:

Detection of fire hazards:

  •  principles of smoke detection;
  •  the most recent methods of fire detection;
  •  classification of fire detectors (fd) and fire alarm systems (fas). Comparative analysis of the threshold, addressable no-feedback, addressable feedback and analogue addressable fire alarm systems

Aspiration detectors of LASD and ASD series - early detection:

  • The benefits of aspiration smoke detection. The principle of operation of the aspiration smoke detector. Scope of use of aspiration detectors
  • European EN54-20 standard: Fire detection and fire alarm system-Part20: Aspirating Smoke Detectors;
  •  aspirating detectors classes A, B, C, comparison with spot smoke detectors, test foci EN54-20 and EN54-7;
  •  composition of aspirating detectors LASD, ASD-7251, ASD-LEO, ASD-PRO;
  •  recommendation for designing from Research Institute for Fire Protection of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia;
  • calculation of aspiration system, the main characteristics, calculation program;
  • Programming of detectors LASD and ASD, the connection to the control panel.

Overview of the main series, System Sensor:

  • ECO1000, intelligent detectors PROFI;
  • addressable detectors Leonardo. New opportunities for connecting Leonardo directly to the addressable PPKOP "Signal 99", new manual device IPR-LEO;
  • linear fire detectors 6500: benefits, adjustment, accessories;
  • manual call points and sirens;
  • fire detectors and mounting accessories for special applications.

Overview of new products from System Sensor’2006:

  • 2251CTLE 4-channel detector;
  • wireless radio channel fire alarm system;
  • AVR new series of sirens;
  • new spark safe manual fire detector of MCP series.

Venue: Conference Hall, HOTEL "POYTAXT" , Tashkent, Mavarounnahr Street 4


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