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The main issues of the seminar.


  • Methods of transmission of information from facilities. Pros and cons.
  • o Radio channel - standards, specifications, methods of application. Answers, comments, regulations. Definition of open radio channel that does not require registration.
  • Equipment for the protection sites in a kilometer distance. Typical methods of application, tasks.
  • Technology of transmission of alarms for tens of kilometers with little power. Basic principles and differences from the established methods of forming radio parcels.
  • Equipment for protection of various objects. The range of on-site devices. Typical solutions, custom applications. Telemetry data collection.
  • Benefits of addressable systems. Leonardo - as the best offer in the world market of addressable fire detectors. On-site equipment with addressable loops. Saving on installation, commissioning, maintenance of facilities. Full compliance with international regulations of fire safety.
  • Creation of global fire and security monitoring systems for cities, regions.
  • Communication with all types of third-party preinstalled equipment on the facility. Specific examples and solutions. Economic benefits of integration..
  • New products of 2012:
  • System "Concierge" - the best solution for distributed facilities.
  • TAVR - the best security system not dependent on electricity. 
  • Alarm buttons with a 100% guarantee of message delivery in the most difficult conditions. 
  • High quality, inexpensive addressable alarm control on-site device with the possibility of use at various facilities. Collection of information via all known communication channels.
  • Report on the long-term operation of the central remote monitoring systems in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan and other regions. The results of tests conducted in Tashkent in 2011.


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