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16.02.2010 14:00

The main issues of the seminar:

Quality, reliability, efficiency of fire alarm systems. Changes in the regulatory framework, compliance with new requirements

  • What determines the effectiveness of the fire alarm system;
  • Basic principles of smoke detection;
  • Review of modern fire detection technology;
  • Advantages of analogue addressable systems over targeted and traditional systems;
  • Criteria for selection of fire detector;
  • Quality detector as a key component of the reliability and efficiency of fire alarm system (FAS).

Smoke detectors from System Sensor. Reliability, efficiency, application

  •  Intelligent fire detectors;
  •  Fire detectors of ЕСО-1000 series;
  • Leonardo addressable series;
  • Original Equipment manufacturerspartners for Leonardo series;

Unique fire detectors from System Sensor. Linear and vacuum systems. Overview of new products.

  • Linear smoke detectors;
  • Aspiration detectors;
  • Classification of aspiration smoke detectors;
  • Design features of laser detector 7251;
  • Program of installation of aspiration detector at the facility;
  • Unique 3 and 4-channel fire detectors, the highest efficiency;


  • Exit sign ExitPoints;
  • Flame detectors SearchFlame 16;
  • Explosion-proof equipment;
  • SignalPoint Detectors of toxic and combustible gases;
  • Manual call points;
  • Announcers;

Equipment to design and construct analogue addressable fire alarm systems

  • The concept of OEM partnership;
  • Receiving and controlling fire and security device of ОЕМ-partners, main advantages;
  • Connection diagrams. Powering of devices. Communication lines;
  • Logical structure, the basic configuration, programming;
  • Detectors and addressable modules of 200+ series;
  • EW
  • Addressable sirens AV;
  • CARAVAGGIO series, main advantages and opportunities;

Venue: Business Center "Poytaht", Conference Hall «Navoi» (4th floor), Tashkent, Sh.Rashidov Street 16.


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