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27.08.2007 20:40


The main issues of the seminar:


  • i-PRO series, professional IP-surveillance. Basics of IP-based technology, the advantages of I-PRO series.
  • Swivel WV-NS202 IP-camera, fixed dome WV-NW484 camera, color WVNP240 camera.
  • WJ-ND300A IP- recorder for larger systems, WJ-ND200 recorder with removable disk
  • Software for managing of WV-ASM100 and WV-AS65 distributed systems
  • Demonstration of samples.
  • Examples of real systems based on IP networks.
  • Super Dynamic III technology
  • Super Dynamic III technology in WV-СS950 and WV-CP480 cameras
  • New technologies in color rendering in cameras WV-CF284 / 294 and WV-CP280
  • WJ-RT416 digital disk recorder with the transmission of video in real time
  • WV-HD316A digital disk recorder for large distribution systems
  • WJ-SX650 matrix system with support for up to 256 video outputs
  • Demonstration of samples
  • Examples of real systems

Venue: Conference Hall, HOTEL "POYTAXT", Tashkent. Mavarounnahr Street 4


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