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20.08.2014 05:05

1) About Altonika. The largest electronics producer in Russia. The main directions of production

2) The best range and reliability of radio channel from Altonika. Secret of range of radio signal working with Lonta technology.

3) Construction of fire-alarm monitoring of distributed objects (settlements, recreation areas, towns and rural settlements) with the equipment manufactured by Altonika. Specific examples for the construction of complex systems in mountainous areas. Common errors in the installation of systems and how to prevent them.

4) Equipment for building simple burglar and fire alarm systems. Double stub devices RS-202TF (RR) as stand-alone solutions or as part of integrated systems using alarm control fire and security devices from other manufacturers.

5) Receiving and controlling fire and security units RIF-OP8 and RIF-OP5. Design and construction of fire-alarm monitoring with the most modern equipment from Altonika. Building wire and radio channel local networks of alarm control panels to reduce the cost of projects.

6) Transmitters communicators RS-202TD/TC for the transmission of fire and security notices from the alarm control panels from other manufacturers. Specific examples of the connection of the equipment from Argus-Spectrum, Rubezh and others.

7) Radio alarm buttons of multi-kilometer range RS-201TK01/02/03. Application of these buttons as part of integrated security systems of airports, large industrial enterprises, military facilities, and others. Specific examples of the use and construction of safety systems.

8) The main directions of further development of Altonika. Announcements of new products.


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