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20.08.2014 05:08


1) About RIELTA

2) Theory of use of electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres

  • Explosive production facilities. ROST R MEK 60079 (IEC 60079), GOST 52350, PUE;
  • Concepts of "hazardous area", "explosion-proof equipment", "level of protection";
  • Classification of hazardous areas, types of protection;
  • Marking of explosion protection;
  • Features of security systems in potentially explosive atmospheres;

3) Set of devices for the organization of "Ladoga-Ex" Fire Alarm System for explosive objects – set consists of:

  • Spark protection barriers;
  • Security sensors (optical-electronic, sound, magnetic, vibration);
  • Fire detectors (smoke spot and linear, flame, hand-operated);
  • Features in the design and installation;
  • Use of devices together with various control panels (Ladoga-A RIF-OP8, Signal-20M);

4) Review of the company's products

  • Security alarms;
  • Wireless System "Ladoga-RK";



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